• Rock Blasting - Mining & Construction
  • Rock Removal - Mechanical Methods
  • Road, Sewer and Watermain Construction
  • Excavationand Vibratory Compaction
  • Depp Foundations - Pile Driving, Drilled Caissons
  • Shoring Systems - Vibratory Sheet Piling
  • Tunneling
  • Large Scale Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Engineered Fill - Large Scale Soil Compaction
  • Bridge Construction, Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Industrial - Drop Forging


​OZA was founded by Gordon A. SHAW Gordon is a practicing natural scientist and a member of the International Society of Explosive Engineers. A multitude of other qualifications and experiences comprise his CV. Under Gordon's direction, OZA has been a leader in a variety of environmentally related areas for over 35 years. OZA is a highly matrix and diverse corporation with interests in several fields. OZA Inspections Ltd. is a consulting firm with proven expertise in loss control.

We provide a variety of loss control services for the mining and construction industries. Operating from Stoney Creek, we specialize in environmental and construction noise and vibration monitoring and assessment, pre and post condition building and structure surveys, claim investigation and authoritative testimony throughout Canada and the United States. Other related services include but are not limited to: seismograph sales, calibration, crack gauge manufacturing, sales and installation, and public relations towards resolving noise and vibration misconceptions and fears.

Low Cost Full-Featured

Compact Seismographs

Seismograph Services Sales/Repairs

To insure the accuracy of recorded data, dynamic calibration and repair services are available to all clients. The most modern instrumentation available.

Noise Monitoring/Studies

Vibration Monitoring/Studies

Noise & vibration control in land use planning. Seismic and acoustical measurement of traffic and machinery to insure regulatory compliance and to evaluate possible hazards to structures, sensitive equipment and persons.

Pre and Post Construction


Interior and exterior surveys of structures located near blasting, demolition, and construction operations. Representatives of OZA provide the advantages of third-party objectivity and expertise in the recording of air, ground and water.

OZA Inspections Ltd. is loss control consulting companyThe company was established in February, 1976 in Grimsby, Ontario and is a wholly owned Canadian company with a Canadian owned American subsidiary. Oza Inspections Ltd. with offices in Stoney Creek, Ontario. OZA Inspections Inc., located in Lewiston, New York. OZA’s range of specializations includes loss control, mining, software design, research and development and production. It’s manufacturing division designs and produces seismographs and crack monitoring devices for a variety of engineering and construction uses. 

Operations which may benefit from monitoring and inspection services:

Vibration and noise can come from many different sources. People moving, cars and trucks driving on the roadway, excavators digging, the wind blowing, sound, compaction equipment on the ground, and jack hammers and hoe rams breaking concrete to mention a few. All hydro poles, gas mains, sewers, water mains, bridges, roadways, houses, buildings, and railways are affected by this vibration to greater or lesser degrees. If sound or vibration levels get too large then things could be damaged and broken. Vibration that does not damage is said to be elastic motion and when damage is done, it is referred to as non-elastic motion.

Claims Investigation/Consulting

Expert testimony with investigation of claims. Excellent community public relations with leadership in assessments and investigations.