MONITORING Once your project is underway, OZA can provide on-going vibration monitoring of surrounding structures. We have developed and use the latest in seismograph technology - the new OZA IV and its predecessors the GPS-3 and CVM-2 monitoring units. As blasters and contractors require instant feedback, we can provide instant blast and vibration information using our latest software and hardware capabilities with the highest reliability and accuracy. Our vibration and noise experts can provide you with the support you need. 

About Our Company:

Some of the personnel have experience dating back to the late 1950's. The GPS-3 and CVM-2 seismographs were specially designed with loss control in mind. OZA continues to perform vibration monitoring throughout North America and it has been doing so since 1976. 

Our Key Benefits:

Pre-Blast or Pre-Construction Surveys Many unwarranted damage claims can be eliminated by the performance of detailed pre-blast surveys. Expensive damage investigations and potential litigation can be largely avoided with photographic documentation of the pre-existing conditions of structures around a site.

Damage Assessments Damage assessments are conducted by a professional senior consultant who arrives at a conclusion about damage probability. We have performed these investigations for major insurance carriers, law firms, companies and individuals.

Professional Services In the event it becomes necessary, data review, pre-trial preparation and expert testimony concerning the effects of vibrations can be provided by our senior consultants.

The company has been a leader in seismograph technology, and pre-construction survey with noise/vibration study in North America since its 1976. Oza Inspections consults several construction companies, mining operations, blasters and members of the public on a regular basis. Our company is also deeply involved in loss control. Oza Inspections has also improved public relations through communicating with property owners to reduce common fears and misconceptions associated with construction and mining.

The OZA Group takes great pride in its seismograph line. OZA and its personnel have been carrying out pre / post condition surveys which include a detailed documentation of the interior and exterior conditions of man-made structures in proximity to construction and mining activities. OZA inspects thousands of surface and subsurface structures annually.

Whether your project requires one or several seismographs, OZA can meet the demand. We have provided site monitoring services for all forms of projects including blasting, construction, demolition and many others.  In addition, for a low fixed monthly fee, we can develop a continuous monitoring program with remote access.