Seismograph Rental


We offer both short and long term seismograph rental programs. Instrument rentals are ideal for short term monitoring projects that do not require the on-site services of one of our technicians. The instruments are very easy to use. Data downloading and analysis software is also provided at no extra cost.

Support Request?

Toll Free: 1-800-667-8263

Fax: 905-945-3942

Our repair and calibration department can handle all of your seismograph service needs.  Also, do not include accessories such as spikes, microphone stand, etc as we will not be responsible for the return of those items.  
​ We perform a very thorough checkup of every seismograph.  We test the batteries, clean the connectors, examine the boards for corrosion and perform other function tests. 

Calibration and Repair Services

When sending in units, please include just the instrument. We will not be responsible for the return of any other peripheral items, downloading cable, spikes, etc.