Microphone MIC

Microphone (MIC): This is connected to GPSs. They are used to measure acoustics. These microphones are interchangeable. They can be switched between different units.


Spikes: Spikes are also enclosed in the box. They are screwed into the GPS or CVM and used to couple the unit into the ground.


How do I tell a CVM apart from a GPS?
Even though they look identical, there is a very easy way to tell the two apart. When turned on, a CVM will read “Ver 2.01”, compared to the GPS that will read “Ver 6.05”.

Vibration and Frequencies

CVM and GPS Seismographs come in a yellow box. They look identical to each other but are distinctly different. A CVM is equivalent to the bargraph mode of a White Seismograph. It measures vibrations. A GPS is equivalent to the waveshape mode of a White Seismograph. It measures frequencies.

AC Adaptor

AC Adaptor: This is used for charging the unit. It is used along side the Connection Port.

Connection Box

Connection Box: This is used for a number of reasons. It can be used to connect the units themselves to the computer to download events off off them. Also, it is used to connect the unit to the AC adaptor to charge the internal battery in the seismograph.

Yellow Box

What can be found inside the yellow box? Inside the yellow box, a number of important accessories should be enclosed. They are as followed: