Other Features 

Communication with the Mini-Seis is also possible with landline, cellular or satellite modems. The data compression used by the Mini-Seis allows data to be downloaded several times faster than competing instruments. This feature saves time and reduces expense. 
An external printer is available for those projects where on-site printing is needed. Each printer enabled Mini-Seis unit can have its own printer or one printer can be used with any number of units, and the instrument must have printer enabled firmware. For large monitoring jobs, the programming of multiple units can be accomplished quickly using custom designed software.

​Multiple instruments can be charged and programmed simultaneously with an optional connecting kit. It is also possible to simply connect multiple units together and have all units trigger from a master unit. In this configuration, all units can be connected to a single external power source. Data can also be downloaded remotely with a single modem. 
The Mini-Seis™http://www.whiteseis.com
Lightweight and easy to use. Includes convenient carrying case. Costs much less than comparable seismographs. Maintenance and calibration costs are also less. Rugged and shielded against RF interference. Keypad and display for easy field setup and data review. External seismic package and microphone interchangeable between units of like sensitivity. Selectable seismic and acoustic recording range, seismic and acoustic trigger level, sample rate and record duration. Excellent power management. Rechargeable internal battery. Can use either AC or DC power for long term monitoring. Wave form (self-trigger and manual-trigger) and continuous bar graph (histogram) modes Sophisticated, non-loss data compression results in small record sizes and fast data transfer.

General Description 

The Mini-Seis is designed for low cost blast vibration and industrial vibration monitoring. It is offered in a small package weighing approximately 3.5 pounds. There is a two line, 40 character display and six key keypad for on-site programming. An external microphone and tri-axial ground motion sensing package are included. 

The Mini-Seis™ is the very definition of a great blast monitoring seismograph for an affordable cost.  It is ideal for all kinds of blast vibration monitoring and for most continuous vibration monitoring in bargraph mode.  Rugged, reliable and very easy to use, the Mini-Seis™ sets the standard for value in a seismograph.

The Mini-Seis™