The OZA Gauge comes with blank monitoring forms.  -Determine where you wish to use the OZA Gauge -Remove the OZA Gauge from its packaging -Use a combination of Epoxy and screws to mount both sides of the OZA Gauge to the wall. -Ensure that the red crosshairs line up properly at center (0x, 0y axis). A small piece of tape has been applied to the top and bottom of the OZA Gauge to help keep the crosshairs aligned -OZA Gauge is mounted and tape is cut to allow both sides of the gauge to move freely -Monitor the OZA Gauge regularly. Determine a schedule and use the blank forms provided to record the results

If you are one of the following professionals, consider the OZA Gauge for crack monitoring applications.  - Engineers - Contractors - Building Inspectors - Insurance Agents - Claims Investigators - Demolition Experts - Drilling & Blasting Crews 

The OZA Gauge is also:

-easy to use
- accurate
- inexpensive
- great for use on interior and exterior cracks  

Use the OZA Gauge for:

Pre & post construction inspections Interior and exterior surveys of structures located near blasting, demolition and construction hazard assessment and monitoring. 

OZA Gauge 3D

Choose from one of our 3 models of the OZA Gauge 3-D