The OZA Gauge comes with blank monitoring forms.  -Determine where you wish to use the OZA Gauge -Remove the OZA Gauge from its packaging -Use a combination of Epoxy and screws to mount both sides of the OZA Gauge to the wall. -Ensure that the red crosshairs line up properly at center (0x, 0y axis). A small piece of tape has been applied to the top and bottom of the OZA Gauge to help keep the crosshairs aligned -OZA Gauge is mounted and tape is cut to allow both sides of the gauge to move freely -Monitor the OZA Gauge regularly. Determine a schedule and use the blank forms provided to record the results 

OZA Gauge Flat

Developed in 1980, the OZA Gauge was designed out of necessity and demand. Its accuracy is guaranteed! Other companies have tried to copy it, but engineers, contractors, building inspectors, and homeowners keep coming back. The OZA Gauge is made of sturdy, lightweight LEXAN¨ - therefore, it's shrink resistant! Use the OZA Gauge for: Pre & post construction inspections with interior and exterior surveys of structures located near blasting, demolition and construction hazard assessment and monitoring. EASY TO USE:  - accurate - inexpensive - interior-exterior cracks  - Engineers - Contractors - Building Inspectors - Insurance Agents - Claims Investigators - Demolition Experts - Drilling & Blasting Crews