Use the OZA Gauge for: Pre & post construction inspections. Interior and exterior surveys of structures located near blasting, demolition and construction hazard assessment and monitoring  

Developed in 1980, the OZA Gauge was designed out of necessity and demand. Its accuracy is guaranteed! Other companies have tried to copy it, but engineers, contractors, building inspectors, and homeowners keep coming back. 

A firm principal is the chairman of the International Society of Explosives Engineers Committee, setting standards for noise and vibration specifications and quality assurance. Personnel perform daily monitoring services. These services include but are not limited to the following activities: blasting, boring, drilling, bridges, building construction, demolition, dewatering, drop forging, gas stimulations, highways, pile driving, power plants, quarrying, research, seismic exploration, sewer, water mains, slag breaking, subway, strip mining, tunneling, and utility installation. OZA has improved public relations via communicating with property owners to reduce common fears and misconceptions associated with construction and mining.    

The GPS-3™ and CVM-2™ Seismographs 

were specifically designed with loss control in mind.

OZA's seismographs are among the most advanced and simple to use on the market today. They have been designed to meet the stringent needs of our clients. The compact, easy-to-use design has proven to be highly effective and popular in North America and with other clients around the globe. These products are 100% Canadian produced. The company has been a leader in seismograph technology in North America since its inception. Early designs effectively met the needs of customers but were large and cumbersome. Advancements in technology lead to overall size reductions in the units and greater acceptance of use among mining companies, construction companies, blasters and engineers. Software developments greatly contributed to the acceptance as users can now more easily manage reports of previously recorded activities. 

OZA Gauge


3-D Outside Corner 

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OZA Gauge


The Original Crack Monitor

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